Our Permanent Exhibits

Don't miss our Beaver Lodge, the Cypress Swamp, the Birds exhibit, touch displays, and all our living exhibits!
Dip your hands into our most interactive exhibit!

The Hazel Family Foundation Touch Pool is filled with animals native to the Chesapeake Bay.

Hazel Family Foundation Touch Pool
Experience our hands-on handicap-accessible Touch Pool, featuring animals that inhabit the Chesapeake & Atlantic Costal Bays! Dip your hands in and discover sea creatures such as horseshoe crabs, whelks and much more.
Mac & Tuck

Our otters enjoy a 6,000-gallon aquarium and huge land area, connected by a water slide. Watch Mac and Tuck eat at the daily noontime feeding program. Mac and Tuck love their daily enrichment, which engages their senses and skills.
The Beaver Lodge

Our beaver lodge is an actual beaver lodge found in Northern Virginia that was disassembled and then reassembled here at the Discovery Center. Crawl through the two entrances that are normally underwater and view a beaver lodge from the inside!
The Cypress Swamp

Come view our re-creation of a Cypress Swamp, complete with mummichog! Also see if you can spot our grey tree frogs, who have the unique ability to camouflage themselves based on the area where they are found.
Wharf Life

Walk along our re-creation of a 19th century wharf. Browse goods being shipped, explore barrels filled with grains, corn, and tobacco, find out about the benefits of the popular vet medicine Pratt's Poultry Regulator, peek inside oyster shipping containers from the 1880s, and more!

Make sure you press the button to listen to our resident Waterman describe wharf life at the turn of the 20th century!


Study the red shoulder hawk, green heron, great horned owl, northern water thrush, great blue heron and others, in our hand carved bird exhibit. Want to know what they sound like? Find out by using our 250 North American Birds in Song display!
Delmarva History

Learn about Native American culture in our region, the colonial period, and life and work along local waters. Climb aboard our interactive exhibits: a catboat, and a steamship. Archaeological evidence dates Native American culture on Delmarva to over 12,000 years ago! Come learn about Delmarva's early years with our Native American exhibit. Explore inside our wigwam, study our arrowhead collection, witness how Native American constructed canoes that sat up to 15 men by using just one piece of timber, and learn about the day to day life of the first settlers of Delmarva.
Colonial Exhibit

Our Colonial American tobacco culture exhibit is part of a larger early settlement period exhibit on loan from the Edward H. Nabb Research Center. Based on the inventory of Edward Stevens, circa 1686, view how early Americans farmed their lands with such tools as a cultivating hoe, sickle, drawing knife and a broad axe.

The collection also contains artifacts from the 18th and 19th century, including 19th century plows.

Life Size Steamship

Imagine sailing down the Pocomoke River in our re-creation of a two story late 19th century steamship The Discovery! Check out the daily Pocomoke and Occohannock River Lines schedule from 1921, view models of other steamships, peer inside the coal pit, peruse the Captain's quarters, relax in the luxury of the State Room, and steer the ship!

Coming the summer of 2014, visit our upgraded wheelhouse with its new interactive wheel. View the Pocomoke River through the wheelhouse window and navigate your way down the beautiful river. We will also be adding new displays to enhance your experience.

Cat Boat

Climb into our 12 foot cat boat, work the tiller, and feel the wind in your hair and watch the sail billow when you activate our wind machine. Become an expert tying lines with our knot board display, including such knots as a bowline, anchor bend and sheepshank.
Watermans Life In Delmarva

The final leg of our museum showcases the Waterman's life on Delmarva. An authentic sink box that was used by gunners in order to disguise themselves from their prey. Enter our Boat Shop for models of skiffs, bugeyes, canoes, skipjacks, and others. Explore drawers to find the tools that were used to build these ships.

Venture inside our Decoy shed to view hand crafted decoys and learn about the history of decoy carving. Explore drawers to view the tools of the trade.

Try your hand at farming oysters with our hand tongs (essentially two long rakes fastened together in the center like scissors) though be warned that this is much harder then it looks! Study other popular instruments that were used in the commercial fishing industry.

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